Big Thanks

The last few weeks have been very interesting. Basically after releasing the first version of Kodesk and getting a lot of visibility around it, we decided to step back a little and try to understand our customers better. Instead of just throwing features in, we chose to get out of the building and interview both business owners and freelancers. And boy it was good! So much feedback, so much learning, so many assumptions verified, so many mistakes that we would have made if we hadn’t done that exercise! So now that the first phase of this process is over, I wanted to thank publicly all the people who have helped us:

Big thanks to all of them because their feedback has been invaluable and we can’t wait to let you play with the new version of Kodesk.

One Comment on "Big Thanks"

  1. Gautdo says:

    Can’t wait either to see the new design ! (really)

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