Exciting Times

The past 2 weeks have really been a blast for Kodesk since we launched:

  • DataNews coverage here and there
  • French-Connect interview here and there (thanks a lot Stéphanie)
  • TechCrunch coverage here
  • And yesterday we presented Kodesk at BetaGroup

Just a few figures 2 weeks after launch:

  • 5000+ unique visitors
  • 316 members
  • 42 spaces
  • 37 cities
  • 13 countries
  • 1109 hours of availabilities

Clearly we are on to something here. But what was even more interesting is all the amazing and constructive feedback we got. We had live conversations with more than 70 people thanks to our live chat. 111 people used our “Don’t Sign Up” form, 24 of which even gave us some explicit advice on how to improve Kodesk. Among the requests that came first on all these channels were:

  • The ability to see Kodesk spaces on a map without having to sign up first
  • Automating recurring availabilities
  • And probably the most incredible for us: “I don’t have any desk to share, but I want to rent some, so please release a commercial offering”.

We love pragmatism. We love agility. And of course we love disruptive ideas. For all these reasons we have decided to grow Kodesk as a Lean Startup, following the principles of Customer Development, which for us implies three main consequences:

  • We release as early as possible, even if things are far from perfect right away
  • We listen to all the feedback we receive very seriously
  • We release new versions as often as possible to test new hypotheses

The first hypothesis (actually we tested a few other ones offline before launch but that’s the first one you saw) we wanted to validate is that some companies would be willing to register their space into Kodesk, all over the world, even if there is no money in it, just because they understand the importance of serendipity and they value mobility. And for us, having 42 spaces in 13 countries publish more than 1000 hours of desk availabilities in 2 weeks is an amazing proof that this hypothesis was the right one. We know that there are still some issues, but nothing that our innovative creativity can’t fix.

In addition to that, we deliberately released this first version without a commercial platform because we wanted to test if the demand was strong (OK, and because we are still working on the technical details behind it of course). And strong it is! We intended to wait until September to release our commercial offering, but seeing all the positive frustration that we have created, we will do everything we can to do it as fast as technically and humanly feasible. How great is that?

Overall, those really were 2 amazing weeks. Kodesk is on a roll, my friends, and it’s just the beginning.

Oh, and by the way, we just released a new version of Kodesk with a few additions:

  • You can now see all our spaces without having to sign up (still with me?)
  • We added a press page and a team&story page
  • We changed the home page to make it clearer for users to understand what are the benefits of Kodesk depending on their situation
  • We added an event ticker on the home page too, so that you know when things are happening in the Kommunity
  • We removed the “Don’t sign up form for now” but don’t forget you can still suggest features and improvements on feedback.kodesk.com (you can even vote for features suggested by others so that it increases their priority in our todo-list)

Of course, there is a lot more stuff on the way and we will keep you posted as they become available.

To conclude this post, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing people who helped us give birth to this baby (in no specific order): Bruno, Southa, Cindy, Robin, Brigitte, Lara, Eric, Ramon and all the BetaCoworkers, Said and all the people at Vivansa, Ivan, Olivier, Antoine, Frédéric, Philippe, Frédéric, Serge from Idealy and all the people I forgot to name but whose contribution will never be forgotten. Make no mistake people, we really are changing the world here ;)

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  1. Great update guys. Thanks. Keep up the good work. You can count on our support to help you achieve your ambitions.

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